A Brief History

Encompass is the trading name of Borders Direct Payment Agency (BDPA), which was set up in 1999 in the Scottish Borders to support disabled people, and those with community care needs, to make the best use of available funding to maximise their quality of life.

The funds could be from:

  • Scottish Borders Council Social Work Department as Self-directed Support (SDS), including a Direct Payment (DP)
  • the Independent Living Fund (ILF)
  • private funds.

In 2006, a group of interested people, including some who managed a Direct Payment, their unpaid carers, BDPA employees and others, got together to look at the future of the organisation. It was decided to form an independent company limited by guarantee which was registered in Scotland as a charity. This company would be user-led. The company was incorporated in April 2008.

Membership of the company is open to anyone with an interest in its aims. The members elect a Board, of whom 50 per cent will either be in receipt of a Direct Payment or an unpaid carer.